The Teachings of Shaltazar

As the messages from Shaltazar came through me over the years I began to recognize certain insights, themes, and teachings that repeated themselves. While the messages didn’t come to me in any specific order, as I studied them over time it became evident that they could be categorized into several ‘universal truths’ or teachings. When channelling a spiritual entity, nothing is exact or precise but, to help those of us in the human realm who like to make sense of things in a more logical way, I find these teaching categories to be helpful.

I believe the purpose of these teachings is for us to gain a deeper understanding of human life and how it relates to the Source that we came from. While we will still exist in human form, this opportunity to comprehend that which is deeper than our form allows us to have a very different existence, one of true understanding of who and what we truly are.

Here are the first 3 teachings or “Universal Truths”

1. The Unity of Source & the Duality of the Human Experience

One of the most important messages in all the Shaltazar teachings is that human beings not only come from the Source, the All, the Great Creator, God—but a part of that Source is within each of us. Shaltazar has taught me that the Source is One and thus cannot comprehend anything that is more than One. In order to understand more fully the concept of duality (i.e. dark and light, good and evil, wrong and right, divinity and humanness etc.) humans were created. We were put on planet Earth so Source could learn from us what life in a Duality could be like.

Through these teachings, I have come to realize that while humans face many struggles and challenges—often severe at times—these are in no way a punishment! Shaltazar has taught me that the Great Creator is all loving, all knowing, and all being and cannot even fathom judgement. Our existence within the Duality is designed so Source can learn and comprehend that which is beyond Itself. An important component of this Duality is that when we incarnate in human form we forget where we came from and who we truly are. The human journey, to a certain extent, is one of remembering.

Although Shaltazar teaches that it is getting easier for more of us to connect to the Invisible world, it is not the purpose of human life to exist exclusively in our Divinity. Rather, we are meant to truly experience all aspects of the Duality that we exist within.

The Beginnings of Human Life

2. Personal Free Choice – the Cornerstone of Human Existence

From Shaltazar’s messages, I now know that free choice is in fact one of the most powerful tools human beings have at their disposal. While many humans have given up their free choice or temporarily lost sight of it in order to follow the beliefs they were taught, Shaltazar is encouraging all humans to realize the great power that exists in free choice—and to reclaim that power. By understanding more about free choice and learning to use it more effectively, we are told that our lives can be more peaceful and contented.

I must remind you here that as Shaltazar repeats many times throughout the messages, from Source’s perspective there are no right or wrong choices. All humans are loved by the Great Creator no matter what choices we make or how we choose to live out our human existence. Yet, because we live in the Duality, we tend to live in judgement of ourselves and others, at times criticizing the choices we make. None of this comes from Source, it is all part of the human condition.

While this can sometimes feel uncomfortable for us humans, it is how Source gets to ‘experience’ life beyond Oneness. Because each and every human is allowed to choose freely—there are infinite possibilities of how life on our planet will unfold.

Freedom is Your Choice

3. The Feeling Consciousness

Feelings possess more power than many of us are willing to believe. Like me, many people were taught that feelings represent weakness and they must be repressed and shut down—especially the dark feelings like sadness, anger, and regret. In working with the messages from Shaltazar, I have come to realize that everything I want in life can only be achieved when I embrace my feelings. You can’t think your way to happiness—its only when you connect with your heart centre that life really opens up to you.

Shaltazar has taught me to accept my darker, unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings. Since we live in the Duality, none of us will ever be able to just feel the higher, faster, and more pleasant emotions (like happiness, joy, peace, contentment) without also feeling the lower, slower, and more uncomfortable emotions as well. Learning to not judge our feelings and to accept them as they are, is the key to a more peaceful life.

Embracing the Spectrum of Emotion