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The Complete Collection of Shaltazar Messages

These messages come from a place of love and are available to you always and forever. Close your eyes and let yourself relax as you explore, listen, and feel these messages deeply. Know that Our love for you is everlasting and unconditional. As you allow yourself to tune in to these messages you will evolve as the spiritual being in human form you truly are. We thank you for the difference you are making in your world at this monumental time in human history. It is you who can change your world and make it a better place. – Shaltazar

Accepting the Darkness & the Search for One

Activating your Love Center

All Life has Purpose

Allow Your Divinity to Lead the Way

Art of Acceptance

Becoming the Observer

Becoming Who You Truly Are

Beginnings of Human Life

Changing the Paradigm

Conversation about Life and Consciousness

Connecting to Your Personal Power Center

Creating From the Place of Love - Live Event

Creating a World that Honours Diversity

Darkness is Our Greatest Teacher - Live Event

Deep Meaningful Connections

Embracing the New, the Unknown

Embracing the Spectrum of Emotions

Finding Balance in the Duality - Live Event

Finding Freedom - Live Event

Finding Truth

Finding Your Personal Power - Live Event

Finding your Unity Consciousness

Freedom is Your Choice

Helping Others Change their Perspective

How to Mitigate your Suffering

Is Technology Harming or Nurturing Humanity - Live Event

It Just Doesn't Matter

Learning to Hear Your Messages from the Higher Power

Learning to Cope with Searching and Seeking

Letting Go of Your Personal History - Live Event

Life Changes in the Now

Life is Concentric Wave Spheres

Love and Fear

Loving Your Way to Change - Live Event

Making Peace with the Struggle - Live Event

Make Peace with your Shadow - Live Event

Moving Beyond Your Human Limitations

Moving to Pure Potentiality

Moving to a Higher Circle

Navigating the Maze of Life

Opportunity for a New Humanity

Raising Your Personal Vibration - Live Event

Reconnect to Your Love

Reconnecting with Your Unconditional Self Love

Search for Truth - Live Event

Seeking Answers in a Different Way

Separation or Unity - The Choice is Yours

Shifting Beyond “Me” to “ We” - Live Event

Shifting the Paradigm for Giving & Receiving - Live Event

Shine Light on Your Darkness - Live Event

Stepping into the Light

Stillness Speaks

Thank You for Being Here - Live Event

The Art of Conscious Creation - Live Event

The Art of Transcendence

The Authentic You

The Cycle of Birth and Death

The Energy of Change

The Gift of Personal Choice - Live Event

The Importance of your Yin / Yang Balance

The Opportunity to Change your World - Live Event

The Power of Why - Live Event

The True Purpose of Human Life

Transcending the Fear

Two Sides of the Coin

Understanding the Invisible World

Understanding the Laws of Manifestation

What is Reality? - Live Event

What is the Soul?

What Love Really Is - Live Event

Who is Shaltazar?

You are the Creators of your Future World

Shaltazar Meditation - It Just Doesn't Matter