Divine Messages for Challenging Times

Welcome to the Divine Teachings of Shaltazar

In these rapidly changes times, many of us are facing challenges and struggles that are more intense and overwhelming than ever before. We are desperately seeking “answers” that will help us get to a more happy and fulfilled place. Life is moving so quickly that the answers we’re looking for often elude us—passing us by as we busily live our lives. But when we stop and take the time to listen, the answers we’re searching for can be heard.

The teachings of Shaltazar allow us to interpret life from an entirely different perspective; offering insights that help us experience more peace, harmony, and contentment. These messages allow us to slow down, look inward, and connect to a power so great that radical change cannot be stopped. No matter what’s going on in the world around you or in your own life, the wisdom from Shaltazar will help you experience greater inner peace. These messages will set you free.

The Story of Shaltazar

A number of years ago, Jeffrey Eisen began free-flow journaling to process some of the hurt, challenges, and issues he had experienced in his life. Over a period of time, by choosing this form of "release," Jeffrey was able to quiet his obsessive mind and allow an inner knowing or essence to come forward and begin expressing itself. In putting pen to paper in a free-flowing, relaxed way, Jeffrey found that what appeared on the page in front of him felt "familiar" but wasn’t actually coming from him. He realized that he, in fact, was channeling something bigger and more powerful than himself. He sensed that these messages were being told to him and felt compelled to continue writing, transcribing them to the best of his ability.

As Jeffrey continued on his own journey of self-discovery, he'd often turn to these journal entries or messages, reading them to gain clarity about challenges or issues he was facing. He found them surprisingly insightful and helpful often just the "answer" he was looking for…

“The Messages from Shaltazar are phenomenal. There is a peacefulness and calmness that came over me just listening to them. I felt as if I was wrapped in the loving touch of God. It leaves the feeling that whatever life brings, we are never alone and help is just a whisper away. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful messages.”

Helen Robinson

Your Questions Answered

Q: What is channeling?

Chaneling is the act of communicating with any Consciousness (or energy) that does not have a human form, by allowing it to express itself through the individual or channel. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The channeler then translates into human words the sensory communication so the message can be understood.

The channeler receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings.